The International Church of slacklife


The International Church of Slacklife is a church based on ultimate human performance. We believe in living in the moment, conquering your fears, finding balance in all

pursuits, experiencing the life-changing power of flow state, and

shattering the self-imposed and falsely perceived limitations

on your mind, body, and spirit through slacklining and other

venues of free expression.

Slack Goddess Design - created by Kimberly Weglin

Unlike other faiths, we provide guidance without the guilt.  We recognize that the Church, its members, and all humankind are fallible and imperfect. The leaders of this church do not claim to be special in any sense. Rather, what we claim is this: Before we found the Slacklife, we were asleep; now, we are awake. Awake to the infinite possibilities of human achievement, individual expression, environmental care, community engagement, radical inclusion, unbelievable adventures, and the unifying belief in love for all beings. The Awakened State is where happiness resides, as it has been and always will be.

Members of the International Church of Slacklife are known as slackers, and our religion is called the Slacklife. Our community of slackers are bound together by the sacred Webbing that has positively influenced our lives and our spiritual growth as we walk upon it. Through ritual, guided by spiritual practice, church members honor the SlackGods using the sacred slackline to reveal their best version of self, their true potential, and their love of life. In turn, they enrich their community and the world with the fruits of these realizations.

Though we have set in place principles of faith to guide us as followers and

as a community, ultimately, everyone is free to worship on the line in their own

individual way. We claim no unquestionable doctrine, and our holy texts simply serve

to guide your practice and encourage your spiritual journey into the almighty state of Flow.

In fact, we believe in freedom of thought so much that we actually highly encourage you to question all of our scripture! Always, always think for yourself! 

















The International Church of Slacklife aims to heal the disconnect between the mind and body in all people, using the Slackline as the vessel. Our mission is to spread the stoke far and wide.


Most walk through life asleep: mindless, not in the moment, without a purpose or vision embraced by one’s heart. Yet we believe that all people SHOULD be free to walk through life awake and CAN be taught to do so. By teaching people to confront their fears, find their purpose, and take control over their minds, we can better serve one another and actively make the world a better place. Once we start the process of healing ourselves, we can then focus on helping others by sharing the healing and mind opening benefits of the Slacklife with our friends, families, and communities.

This Church is a safe haven for Slackers, and ALL people, to challenge themselves, find balance, share their vulnerabilities, and explore real, logic based solutions to their problems WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.

this is great and

all, but what the

heck is slacklining?


of faith

The congregation of The International Church of Slacklife unanimously believes that freedom is a mindset, and external events only have power over us if we let them. We believe that the principles of movement, change, growth, optimism, smiles, and laughter can teach us how to live in the moment, conquer our fears, find balance, attain flow state, and shatter the self-imposed and falsely perceived limitations on our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Through our worship, we have come to believe that the sky is NOT the limit. Each one of us has the power to create our own reality, improve our situation, and be whoever we want to be, simply by manifesting aloud our dreams, goals, and ideas and then working tenaciously and purposefully toward them.  

We believe the SlackGods to be the creators and sustainers of all things heady and beautiful. They are the the energy of all life and all stoke. They take many forms and appear to everyone in different ways, though many believe their true form to be that of primates or monkeys. We trust the SlackGods to watch over us while highlining and guide our hands while rigging. They have the power to grant us favorable weather for slacklining-- or strike down our line with lightning if it is longer than they allow. We believe that the SlackGods guard the gates to Flow State, or heaven on earth, yet generously let us through with open arms once we have proven our commitment to the practice and mastery of the line. 

We believe the SlackGods bestowed upon us the slackline as our main instrument of prayer and worship. We believe the slackline to be the holiest of vessels; the ultimate instrument of meditation, used to transport our minds into an otherworldly experience and catapult our spirits into an enlightened state of being, the peak human experience, called “Flow-State”--something we shall all never stop striving to attain. Our lifestance is that when we regularly slackline, our minds are elevated and we become a better version of ourselves. Slacklining gives us access to the source code of our mind, while breaking down our delusion and elevating us to reality. Thus, we see the slackline as our greatest tool in healing the disconnect between the mind and body; our greatest weapon in the never-ending fight to vanquish our egos and conquer our negative thoughts and dispositions. 

We believe the world is our church and the slackline is our pew, and that every person possesses the ability to worship whenever and wherever they can, simply by setting up their slackline. 

We hold The Slacklife Bible and The Bolting Bible to be the inspired words of the SlackGods. However, the Church recognizes that we are all human in this congregation and that humanly errors could have been made in the transcription of these texts by ordinary people. As such, we welcome logical discussion and rational reasoning in the questioning of our holy scriptures--preferably backed up by field tests, life experience, or scientific research. In fact, we are more than open to altering our scriptural advice if you have found a proven error.


We believe in accessible, freely shared education on the ethics and rituals of rigging and the minimization of risk in order to safely practice and share our religion. We believe that the only way to expand our collective knowledge of what the SlackGods have intended for us in this life is through lifelong learning: through the constant questioning, review, and reflection of our actions, what we believe, and why we believe it, personally and as a congregation.

We recognize Yosemite as the mecca of our faith: the beginning of it all. We believe every slacker has an obligation to take a pilgrimage to the holy land and experience the sacred airspace of the Valley, including all lines over water.


We believe in immersing ourselves into the wilderness and pursuing the pure, true, honest, and unbridled feeling of freedom to do what you want and be who you want.


We believe in tree pro, rigging all natural, the protection of our natural areas, and leaving no trace. Simultaneously, we believe in local bolting ethics and the inspired words of the Bolting Bible: “thee shall not penetrate virgin rock without feeling guilty” (Book of Bolting Ethics, 1:1, The Old Testament)


We believe in getting involved.


We believe slacker friendship to be the truest form of human connection, and we believe community to be the life blood of the Slacklife.  There’s more endurance, imagination, fortitude, inspiration, grit, energy, and power in all of us collectively than in any of us alone.


We believe that one should not highline before having a proper safety meeting.


And most of all, we believe that to be sendy AF, one must first fuck sending.