The International Church of slacklife
Apr 16, 2018

Feedback + Suggestions


Have a topic you'd like to see addressed in a sermon? Have an idea for a forum? Have something to add to The Book of Slack or The Bolting Bible?


Put any and all comments, feedback, suggestions, and ideas in this thread.


Thank you!

Hmmm, maybe since Yosemite is slack Mecca, then we could have a forum that celebrates that and other important slacking holy sites with beautiful photography or art?

Apr 30, 2018

Ref this post:


SERMONS I like the link to safety meeting associated with Sessions, Collectives also come to mind, as this is also about community


MINISTER and PASTOR I agree with using the loose structure of churches, but little else, I like Minister as it sounds governmental and came up with Stoker, brings an image of someone fueling the fires and keeping them red hot to my mind.



New Posts
  • I am a larger woman, 5'1" and currently 206#. I am the not only the largest girl I have ever seen climbing, I am also the largest girl I have ever seen slacklining and I am a BEGINNER (I can sometimes stand, take a step or two, and do a few yoga poses, with the goal of highlining). What can be done to encourage other people of all shapes and sizes to give it a try and get out there? How can I help encourage others as well?
  • We used to destroy our ratchets so quickly when de-rigging. Now we use this neat trick and save our ratchets from getting destroyed.
  • In an effort to make this Church SLACKLIFE AF, I need your creative minds to help me brainstorm some ideas! This Church was never (and will never be) a finished product. There is some specific wordage I used throughout the Church website and The Book of Slack that are reminiscent of other faiths and more traditional organized religions…...mainly because I was feeling stuck and couldn’t think of anything else to put. This is where you all come in! I would like to change the following words to something that is more ‘us’. Something that gets everyone STOKED! I have some ideas after each word, but I am open to suggestions on other terminology! Also, if you have any other words you’d like to see changed, please let me know. Please share your ideas in the Church Forum under suggestions. SERMONS - I’m thinking of changing Wednesday Sermons to Wednesday Sessions . What do you all think of that? Do you like it? Or can you think of something even better? MINISTER - I’d like to change this to Minister of Stoke . I’ve also had some suggestions for ‘RIG’ISTER , but I’m not sure if that’s too cheesy? Or is it just cheesy enough? ;) Any other ideas? PASTOR - This one is hard. I was thinking something along the lines of “Stoke Ambassador”, but I really hate the word Ambassador. That word feels like it minimizes the contributions of everyone that gets involved, while simultaneously feeling government related. I’ve also thought about using the term Head Primate / Head Monkey / Head Primate in Charge, but I also feel like that sounds too much like a joke and minimizes contributions as well. (Not to mention, the term Primate is technically also a Catholic term for an archbishop...though we use that term so much in our everyday slack conversations that I don’t see the problem in using it as well.) What do you all think? Any suggestions here? Or do you like the official ring of Pastor and suggest we keep it the same? GO!