The International Church of slacklife

sacred texts

The following texts are our most sacred literature regarding the philosophy of the Slacklife, and we offer them to our congregants for free. You can browse online or download the PDF version for easier reading. 



Written by High Priestess, Kimberly Weglin 

The Book of Slack is the official Slacklife Bible! It is filled with everything you need to know about the religion, philosophy, and history of our people. With faithful reading and reflection, this holy text shall guide your practice and encourage your spiritual journey into the almighty state of Flow. 

If you have any suggestions on how to make this Bible even better, please share your thoughts  and ideas in the forum



Written by Pastor Ryan Jenks 

The Bolting Bible is a detailed, info packed account of the newest bolting information, techniques and equipment for highlining by highliners. This book is a work in progress and is updated regularly as we gain new information and learn new techniques regarding the best bolting practices.

Feel free to read and share it, but please be aware that if you download it you may not have the most up to date copy. Refer back to this page often to get the latest information. 

If you have information that will help make this Bible better, or if you have found any inaccuracies, please email Ryan Jenks at